Uprising and Ocun present the Summer Sends.

Finals Day – Sunday April 11.

What a day!! Thanks to everyone to came down to the Summer Sends Series Finals event.
It was super rad to have a great crowd cheering on our finalists, and providing such a fun atmosphere – backed up by sweet tunes from Hayden Jensen aka WUBzilla.
Shout out to the routesetting crew for the mammoth effort, and for creating a superb set of boulders – there is now a whole lot of brand new boulders for everyone to try.
Lastly, but not leastly, cheers to all the competitors, you guys were amazing. Finals results are below.


Open Female
1. Paige Murray
2. Cirrus Tan
3. Kim Forde
4. Jana Wold
5. Jasmine Arnold-Clark

Open Male
1. Wiz Fineron
2. Enzo Murray
3. Zac Orme
4. Isaac Muller-Wild
5. Jason Kessack

U12 Female
1. Eleanor Bisley
2. Jess Settle
3. Holy Settle

U12 Male
1. Alex Mitchell
2. Caleb O’Leary
3. Ben Lillig

U14 Female
1. Jasmine Arnold-Clark
2. Charlotte Bull

U14 Male
1. Edward Bull
2. Felix Tasic-Eaton
3. Spencer Menzies

U16 Female
1. Riley Butler
2. Sophie McIver
3. Grace Rotherham

U16 Male
1. Liam Settle
2. Caryn Welton
3. Felix Hunt

U18 Female
1. Sabrina Butler
2. Liaden Dickie
3. Mauley

U18 Male
1. Enzo Murray
2. Joseph Bates
3. Jesper Moritzen

Masters Female
1. Leona Kadir

Masters Male
1. Tony Currin