Level UP – Performance Climbing Programme

Level UP – Performance Climbing Programme

Take your climbing to the next level, with Hugo Richards.

Our Level UP – Performance Climbing Programme consists of three 4-week phases in a 12-week training cycle.

Each phase addresses a particular component of performance climbing:

  1. The first phase focuses on developing endurance. (Jan 6 – 30)
  2. The second phase focuses on developing power-endurance (Feb 3 – 27).
  3. The final phase focuses on developing strength (March 3 – 27).

This programme can be scaled to any ability. It is for anyone who regularly climbs, wants to push their level, and has a performance focus in their climbing.

Most climbers looking to push their grades will find themselves in regular patterns of performance plateaus. This is extremely common and normal. But there are ways to beat the plateaus!

This programme is designed to provide a lineal progression, solidifying key foundations in climbing, and then building on top of them, creating a well-rounded climber with a very versatile skillset.

We aim to facilitate new ways of thinking and approaching climbing that will help you find clear pathways out of plateaus — taking you to the next level in your performance climbing journey!

Classes run every Monday and Thursday 6:00pm – 7:00pm at Uprising.

Each class will be tailored for you, with your goals in mind.
Drop-in bookings for individual classes are welcome. To make the most out of the programme we recommend attending both classes plus one self-directed session per week. Jump in anywhere during the 12-week cycle.

Each class will have the following structure:

  1. Warm-up by mobilisation of primary joints.
  2. Activation of all major muscle groups.
  3. A small exercise routine developing core strength and increase of strength stability.
  4. A segment of climbing training that has a specific focus on technical development.
  5. A climbing workout developing the component of climbing being addressed in that current 4-week block.
  6. Optional climbing specific strength exercise at the end of the session.

Free for Uprising members.

$27 per class (inclusive of entry) for non-members.

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Programme Facilitator – Hugo Richards

Hugo is a qualified personal trainer through the New Zealand Institute of Sport. He has been climbing for 12 years, and has four years of coaching experience of various age groups and ability levels. Hugo’s main love in climbing is stoking other people’s enthusiasm for the sport and facilitating growth in climbing ability.
Hugo is studying a Bachelor of Sport Coaching at the University of Canterbury with the specific intention of discovering optimal training methods for climbers of any and all abilities and backgrounds.

17 January 2024