Covid-19 Information

Update 13 September

As of 12 September, New Zealand’s COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights) system has ended.

For more information, please see

All covid-related rules and restrictions are now lifted at Uprising.

You still must isolate at home for 7 days if you have Covid.

Please note that all customer-facing staff at Uprising are vaccinated against Covid-19.

As of 14 April, all of NZ is at the Orange traffic light setting.

Key points for Uprising:

All capacity limits imposed by the Covid Protection Framework are now lifted. Our Blocland limit remains at 10 climbers. The yoga studio limit is now increased to 20 per class.

Facemask use is encouraged in the facility.

Update 29 March 2022.

Recent updates have been announced to the Covid-19 Protection Framework.

From Saturday 26 March:
Uprising’s capacity limited has been lifted from 100 to 200.
The Blocland limit is increased from five to 10 per session .
Contact tracing is no longer mandatory. (QR codes are still provided for voluntary scanning).

From Tuesday 5 April:
Uprising will no longer require a My Vaccine pass for entry.

Update 24 January 2022.

On 3 December 2021, New Zealand adopted the Covid Protection Framework referred to as the Traffic Light System (TLS). Full details of how the traffic light system functions, and the restrictions applied can be found at

On 24 January 2022, New Zealand moved from the Orange Traffic Light setting to the Red Traffic Light setting.

Uprising is categorised as an indoor recreation facility, and will operate using a vaccine certificate system while the TLS is in place. This means that you will only be able to enter the facility if you have a verifiable My Vaccine pass.

If you’ve had two covid vaccine doses, it’s easy to get a pass, just follow the instructions here: Get a My Vaccine Pass.

If you’re registered at Uprising, you’ll only have to show your pass once.

By following vaccine pass requirements, Uprising can remain open at both Orange and Red settings. Without following vaccine pass requirements, Uprising would be closed. We fully understand that this decision will negatively impact people within the Uprising community, and wish to assure the community that the decision was made in the best interest of the safety and sustainability of the facility, and our team and the community.

How Will Uprising Operate at Red?
You must scan in using the Covid tracer app on arrival.
Anyone over the age of 12 years and 3 months must present a verificable vaccine pass on arrival.
One-metre distancing is required.
Capacity is capped at 100.
Limited capacity for Blocland.
Limited capacity for classes and group bookings.

Facemask Policy at Red
Customer-facing staff at Uprising will wear a medical-grade (L2 or above) facemask.
Everyone entering the facility must do so wearing a facemask (except those who have a mask exemption certificate).
Facemasks may be removed to exercise or to eat/drink.
You must wear a mask that is attached to the face by loops around the ears or head. This means you can no longer use scarves, bandannas or t-shirts as face coverings.
Uprising unfortunately is unable to provide facemasks for customers.

You may remove your facemask if:

  • You are engaging in exercise, this means participating in climbing, yoga or fitness activity.
  • You are eating or drinking.

*Please note that those with a mask exemption certificate are not required to wear a mask, and are exempt from the policy rules above.

How Will Uprising Operate at Orange?
Anyone over the age of 12 years and 3 months must present a verifiable vaccine pass on arrival.
All capacity and distancing requirements are removed.
Visitors are encouraged to wear face-masks.
Customer-facing staff will wear face-masks.
You must scan in using the Covid tracer app on arrival.

How Will Uprising Operate at Green?
Detailed guidelines are yet to be made available by the government, we will update as soon as we can.

At all levels the Uprising team will continue to operate with increased hygiene and cleaning protocols. We encourage all visitors to the facility to wash or sanitise their hands on entry.

If you have any queries, please get in touch at [email protected].