Covid-19 Information

On this page you’ll find all the information you need on the Covid-19 Alert Level 2 guidelines relevant to the operation of Uprising. We’ll be doing everything possible to play it safe during Level 2.

The good news is that we are open to everyone now!!

Opening hours are as they were before lockdown:
Monday-Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-8pm

Our cafe, fitness gym, yoga studio and pro-shop are all open now.

New members welcome now.

Rental shoes are available.

Group bookings are available.

We have tightened our supervision ratios for under 13s during Level 2. This is to ensure the safety measures, including social distancing and regular hand washing, are adhered to.

Our new kids’ area, Blocland, is opening Tuesday 2 June. Book here.

The Uprising Yoga studio is open now. We are also continuing online yoga classes. See the autumn timetable.

We continue to review the latest guidelines and recommendations from the NZ Government, Exercise NZ, SportNZ, and consider feedback from our staff. We have reviewed our exisiting safety management plan and updated and amended it in accordance with Level-2 guidelines. More details about our Level 2 Safety Plan can be found further down this page.

All membership payments were suspended during lockdown at levels 3 and 4. If you have a current membership, this has now bene reactivated; auto-payments automatically restarted from Thursday 14 May.

Safety Procedures Information

Please read the following information carefully, it’s really important that everyone does their bit to make sure we can operate safely and adhere to the government guidelines.

Uprising is open to everyone now.

There will be a maximum of 100 people in the facility (excluding staff) at any one time. These limits will be closely monitored, and members will have priority. Our popular times are evenings and weekends. We highly recommend making time for a weekday session if you can.
See the homepage counter for current occupancy levels.

All visitors will be required to wash their hands on arrival and before departure. All climbers must sanitise their hands regularly, including a mandatory sanitisation every time you step on or off the mats. We recommend regularly washing and/or sanitising your hands during your session, and using alcohol-based liquid chalk. Hand sanitisation stations will be available throughout the facility. We’ll give you a virtual high-five if you bring your own hand sanitiser.

Anyone entering the premises must record their name and contact details. This means if you’re not signing-in to climb you must fill in a separate register (QR code available at the cafe counter), even if you’re only picking someone up or grabbing a takeaway coffee.

We know you’re going to be pumped to catch up with your climbing buddies you haven’t seen in a while, but this will have to be done while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Everyone at Uprising must Play it Safe under Level 2; this means:
If you’re feeling unwell please stay at home.
Keep your distance from other people in public.
Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
Wash your hands regularly.

For more information on Level 2, please see the NZ Government website: covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-2

Membership Sign-Up

To make the membership sign-up process as smooth as possible, and reduce contact time, we’d appreciate it if you could print and fill the following two forms, and bring them with you on your next visit.

  • Ezidebit Authorisation Form (either credit or debit)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • If you’re unable to print the forms, we’ll make an allowance for you to complete them at the gym. (For your security, please do not email us the completed form with your credit card details).

    Download our terms and conditions of membership.

    Uprising Level 2 Safety Plan

    We identify that the re-opening of the facility does present a risk of staff and customers being exposed to and/or transmitting the Covid-19 virus. We also recognise the importance of opening the facility to support the Uprising team financially and to provide a facility that contributes to the physical and mental wellbeing of our community. We are following the guidance provided by WorkSafe and SportNZ in creating a safety plan for Level 2 operations. This is in addition to our existing safety management system. The plan will be responsive to changes in government guidelines.

    How will we manage the risks associated with re-opening Uprising, and how will we operate in a way that continues to keep staff and customers safe?

    The facility will have a maximum capacity of 100 persons not including staff.
    Capacity will be monitored on the door.

    We began by only opening to our members and 10-pass holders for the first week.
    We are now open to the general public.
    All under 13s will require 1:1 adult supervision when climbing. This is to ensure the safety
    measures including social distancing and regular hand washing are adhered to.

    Physical Distancing
    Layout changes, one-way systems, signage and staff intervention will be used to maintain physical distancing of customers in the facility as much as is practicable.
    One-metre physical distancing between staff will be prompted and maintained as much as is practicable.
    A minimum one-metre physical distance between seated cafe customers will be maintained.

    Contact Tracing
    Robust digital and paper-based contact tracing will be in place for everyone entering the facility.

    Everyone entering the facility will be required to wash their hands on arrival and prior to leaving the facility.
    When you step off the softs pads or enter/exit the fitness area you must sanitise or wash your hands.
    Regular hand washing and hand-sanitising will be encouraged and prompted for both staff and customers regardless of activity.
    Additional equipment spray stations will be placed in the gym along with additional hand sanitising stations.
    An extensive sanitising and cleaning schedule will be in place at all times.
    Shower facilities will not be in use during Level 2.

    Rental Equipment
    Rental chalk will not be available during Level 2.
    Rental shoes are available, but the size range may be limited to allow us to disinfect shoes sufficiently between each use.

    Pro Shop
    To reduce contact with staff and contamination of stock we will operate on a capacity of one customer and one staff member at a time in the shop.

    How will we ensure staff are able to keep themselves safe from exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

    Sick or symptoms = stay home.
    This will continue to be our messaging to both staff and customers.
    The government information on symptoms and testing can be found here.

    Contactless customers
    Customers must as much as is reasonably possible be able to sign in to the facility contactlessly.
    Concession-pass holders and members will be given RFID key fobs for free.
    Paywave has been enabled on all eftpos terminals.

    Gloves and masks will be available to staff for cleaning and in the event they have to attend a first aid incident requiring close contact.
    Staff or customers wishing to wear a mask for day to day use of the facility may do so at their discretion.

    How will we manage exposure or suspected exposure to Covid-19?

    In the event of exposure of suspected exposure we will be providing our contact tracing information to the local DHB as required.

    Staff known or suspected to have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus will be required to stay home until they are well and testing confirms it is safe for them to return.

    How will we review progress?

    We will be constantly monitoring updates from the government as to best practices during Level 2 operations and will adapt our procedures accordingly.

    We will be constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the procedures outlined in this plan and encourage staff and customers to provide feedback to the management team at any time.