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At Uprising Yoga Christchurch we have a range of classes to suit everyone. We are all about keeping it simple, relevant and relatable.

Find a class to suit you from one of our many options below.

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Hatha focuses on balancing our physical, mental and emotional well-being. A more traditional way of practicing yoga. You are led through a well-rounded and breath-centred sequence at a comfortable and mindful pace. These classes always follow a flowing and consistent pattern: often beginning with sun salutations, followed by standing postures, onwards to some useful seated postures. We then reduce the pace and intensity with more passive positions and guided relaxation.


This is a flowing style of yoga where we connect to the breath and synchronise this with movement to foster a greater sense of focus and calm. The movement element of the class is warming, providing an opportunity to build a healthy balance of strength and mobility. The beauty of this style is the variety, as there is no set sequence – hence the breath, movements, pace and intensity will vary, helping you to grow and explore different elements of the practice.
We also offer a more gentle, easeful version of this class, called “Gentle Flow”.

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Our weekly beginners class is a great way to kick off your yoga journey. Expect an encouraging and supportive class aimed to help you establish a firm grounding in yoga asana and awareness of your breath. Movements are slower paced so they are easier to learn and assimilate and you’ll be offered plenty of options to adapt the practice to suit your needs.

Yoga for Climbers

With some of our yoga teachers also being experienced climbers, we are pleased to be able to offer two weekly classes designed with the needs of climbers in mind. Utilising some simple yet powerful concepts, each session is a targeted exploration of an aspect that is of particular benefit to the climber. Whether it is seeking to find more muscular balance, to assist in recovery, or to improve functional mobility, this class will help improve your climbing.

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Ashtanga: Mysore Style

Uprising Yoga’s Ashtanga: Mysore Style classes are like having a one-on-one session but within a group setting. It is a superb environment for going about a practice you are familiar with—following your own natural breath and tempo—or to focus on other aspects of yoga you may be less familiar with. We are very happy to work with you to create a personalised practice that best suits your interests and needs—whether postural, pranayama-based or meditation.
Of particular interest, our teachers have extensive training and experience in the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, which fits in very well to this type of class. So, if you have been practising in the ‘Mysore’ style previously, or have been wanting to learn more about this distinct approach, these classes are ideal.


Kirtan is a fun and powerful form of meditation, it includes the hearing and chanting of transcendental sounds or mantras. By meditating on these beautiful transcendental sounds we can free the heart and mind of the stress and anxieties of daily life and begin to taste the inner happiness that we are always searching for.

This class is provided by Uprising for free, we ask that any attendees make a koha to Conservation Volunteers NZ. You can donate on their website at conservationvolunteers.co.nz/donate.

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Rest & Restore

Come and join us on a Friday evening to decompress from the week; to give yourself a chance to rest, recover and restore. Here we quietly guide you through practices that activate the inbuilt relaxation response. Practices such as gentle movement, breath practices, restorative postures, guided relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation. Giving you ample time to connect with the subtle qualities of the body, breath and mind.


A perfectly relaxing way to finish the day, priming you for a deeply restorative sleep so you continue your week fresh and centred. Using props for full support we explore shapes either seated or lying on the floor with longer holds to give access to fascia~ the interconnective tissue that encases our muscles, ligaments and bones. This creates more space in the body and is beautifully correlated with deep focused breathwork to give more space in the mind.

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An Ashtanga Vinyasa based class cultivating strength and ease in body, clarity in mind and fullness in breath. Each class will follow a consistent pattern: starting with some warming sun salutations and standing postures moving into some grounding seated postures and enlivening back bends then coming back to centre with a calming finishing sequence. Each week we’ll shine a light on a meditation or pranayama technique allowing you to dive a little deeper into these subtler practices of yoga, leaving you balanced and bright.

Ashtanga Expanded

These monthly expanded Ashtanga classes give you the opportunity to explore more of the Primary Series, as well as the more subtle and supportive practices of pranayama and meditation. They’re best suited to those with some experience in Ashtanga as they can be quite dynamic. Although many modifications will be offered, familiarity with the sequence helps. Try out our Tuesday Ashtanga or Thursday Your Pace classes to best prepare.

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Group Practise

Every Saturday morning the Uprising studio is made available for anyone who wishes to self practise. We simply have a supervisor there to open and close up whilst you do your thing—whether that be asana, pranayama or meditation practices. A warm distraction free space for you to enjoy your personal practice.

Full Moon Restorative

Your monthly chance to rest and restore, deeply.

This mini yoga retreat is all about pushing pause at the time of the full moon (purnima); giving yourself permission to rest.

Through the nourishing practices of restorative yoga, breathwork, meditation and yoga nidra, we’ll invite in the healing relaxation response, allowing you to melt away any deeply held tensions. We’ll end with the chance to ease back into your Sunday and connect with others.

If you’d like to invite more ‘being’ into your world of ‘doing’, this one’s for you!


We run regular events & workshops that aim to deepen your knowledge and understanding of specific yoga topics.

Where are we coming from?

At Uprising Yoga we give great importance to finding an approach that reflects your uniqueness.

In other words, we prefer to offer a range of possible avenues for you to try, rather than one particular style or approach.

Our led classes encompass a range of styles, and we also offer space for self-practise or group-practise (together but without a teacher).

We encourage self-enquiry during your practise, so whatever the teacher is offering you are empowered to adapt to suit your needs each time you step on the mat.

We believe student and teacher are on a journey together, learning from one another to cultivate a shared learning experience and a real sense of community.

Please have a read of the Uprising Yoga Sankalpa and our Guiding Principles to get a better feel for where we are coming from.