Uprising Yoga

Kia Ora – welcome to our place! Are you new to Yoga or want to learn more? We have lots of options for you to try at Uprising Yoga. Our 6-week Beginner Courses are a great start point. The General Led classes, or Yoga for Climbers classes are  great for all as well. For those who want more of a personalised or one-on-one approach, a Your Pace Yoga session could be the perfect start. Sound interesting but not sure where to start? Flick us a message – we are always happy to chat with you about it.

Covid-19 Information

Kia Ora friends,

How much our lives can change in such a short space of time! We here in Otautahi have learnt this more than ever over the past years’ events. Whilst this state of uncertainty can produce a sense of chaos and stress, it’s always amazing to see the sense of connection and compassion that grows as a result of the immediacy of such events. Like the lotus blossoming from the mud.

Now more than ever we wish to reiterate the importance of yoga and community (sangha) in both our individual and collective health and wellbeing. We want you to know we are here for you.

Our class timetable continues as normal. In addition to this we’ve taken some informed steps to do our bit in protecting your health.

Here is how we’re responding:

  • We are ensuring the studio space is cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis
  • There will be hand sanitiser available within the studio
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water prior to practice
  • We encourage you to bring your own mats, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows; 
    • If you would like to use our mats please clean with the alcohol-based cleaner prior to and post-yoga practice,
    • If you are using the blankets/bolsters please bring your own towels to use between you and the blanket/bolster.
  • There will be no hands-on assists offered
  • Class sizes will be limited to 10 so we can keep optimal spacing between the mats
  • We’ll be teaching Yoga tools and techniques that don’t involve touching your face
  • We are keeping ourselves informed and being responsive to the ongoing updates from the government through Ministry of Health as well as WHO recommendations and will let you know of any other changes as they happen. We recommend having a read through the MoH information.

If you’re unwell please stay at home and rest up. We look forward to seeing you when you’re well again.

Most of all, now is the time that we encourage everyone to practice yoga regularly. Yoga helps to foster a sense of calm, reducing our heart rates, boosting our immune systems and providing an overall feeling of centred wellness. We will also incorporate more pranayama and meditation in our classes, these are great immune boosting practices, and we encourage you to do so in your self-practice too. 


Beginners Course

Our 6 week course starts again on the 18th of February. Beginner courses are a great way to kick off your yoga journey. The full 6 week programme costs just $120. Over a 6 week programme, our friendly and knowledgeable teachers work with the group to explore – step by step – some quintessential aspects of Yoga technique and philosophy. It’s foundational; it’s conversational, and it’s about learning with others who are starting out too. Start your yoga journey at Uprising.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are all about spending focussed and uninterrupted time together; to discuss and explore anything that is important to you.

These sessions can take many forms. For example, you may wish to deepen or fine-tune your existing practice. Alternatively, you may want to learn some basics before attending regular classes. You may have an injury that would benefit from an adapted approach. Or maybe, you simply feel drawn to this particular way of learning. Whatever the reason, these sessions can be very rewarding and we are very happy to assist in this way. Enquire at reception to book a session with a teacher of your choice.

Led Classes

Led classes are talk-through classes that have a specific theme, approach or structure. Along with clear instruction, useful cues and interesting lines of inquiry, you are led through a flowing, breath-centred and balanced sequence. Simply follow along and let the teacher guide you through a comprehensive range of movements. These classes have a consistent structure but occasionally we are known to stop and have a chat about something relevant if it comes up. At other times, it’s about simplicity, flow, quietness and reconnecting with your present self. We have a good range of different classes for you to try:  General Led, Yoga for Climbers, Rest & Restore & Beginner Courses.

Your Pace

Your Pace Yoga is essentially a one-on-one session but within a group setting.

This class format has been a mainstay of our community over the years. Students value these classes for the personalised attention they receive and for the space they get to follow their natural breath and tempo. Your-Pace Yoga classes are based on the widely known Mysore Style Class but with the added freedom to explore varying sequences, approaches and other limbs of Yoga (such as pranayama & meditation). These classes are centred around cultivating and sustaining an ongoing and quality relationship between the teacher and practitioner.

Yoga Study Modules

The Uprising Yoga community is excited to announce the first of our Yoga Study modules. The next begins Wednesday the 5th February, contact us to register interest.

Our Yoga Study Modules are 9-10 week courses running during term time and can be attended by anyone. They cover similar content to a typical teacher training course and can be an excellent way to expand your understanding and connect with like-minded people.

Restorative Sounds

Decompress from the week with a unique fusion of live music and restorative yoga. The perfect way to chill out, tune in and reset.

In this monthly specialty class you’ll be gently guided through restorative yoga with the soothing sounds of music, allowing you to effortlessly release any built up stresses or tensions as you enter a state of deep rest and tranquility.

We’ll begin with a nourishing sequence of restorative postures using the support of bolsters and blankets and finish with a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Accompanying the class will be the grounding, peaceful and healing sounds provided by Jake Kiano Skinner of ThetaSoundscapes. You can find more info about Jake at: https://www.facebook.com/ThetaSoundscapes/

5.30 – 7.30pm, Last Friday of each month

$30 Uprising Members – $35 Public

To book your space follow the link below, or book at reception.

Where are we coming from?

We are all different. This is why at Uprising Yoga we give great importance to finding an approach that reflects your uniqueness.

We cherish the fact that everyone is different and we are always on a quest to see how we might apply the wisdom and techniques of Yoga to your unique situation. How do we do this? What is or method or style you may ask?

Typically, for someone starting out with us, we would teach something close to the Ashtanga Vinyasa. This means having a set sequence of postures where priority is given to coordinating the breath to movement (Vinyasa) along with Drishti (a direction to rest your gaze). There are some great benefits to having a consistent and steady approach for a newer student. However, and very importantly, after a little while, the direction and nature of the practice will change depending on the specific needs, wants and reason for being there. For some, this means branching off more into breathing practices (Pranayama). For others, this means honing the physical practice to help with imbalances or injuries. The possibilities are actually endless as the tools of Yoga are incredibly diverse. Therefore, the process quickly becomes more organic and more driven by a two-way dialogue between the practitioner and the teacher. In this way, the teacher becomes more like a mentor or friend as you explore different ways to apply the principles and tools of yoga.