Uprising Yoga is open now!

Kia Ora – welcome to our place.

Our transitional autumn yoga timetable includes a mix of studio classes and live-streamed online classes.

Look for an expansion of classes and times coming soon.

Covid-19 Information

Kia Ora friends,

How much our lives can change in such a short space of time! We here in Otautahi have learnt this more than ever over the past years’ events. Whilst this state of uncertainty can produce a sense of chaos and stress, it’s always amazing to see the sense of connection and compassion that grows as a result of the immediacy of such events. Like the lotus blossoming from the mud.

Now more than ever we wish to reiterate the importance of yoga and community (sangha) in both our individual and collective health and wellbeing. Now is the time that we encourage everyone to practice yoga regularly. Yoga helps to foster a sense of calm, reducing our heart rates, boosting our immune systems and providing an overall feeling of centred wellness.

During the lockdown, we ran live-streamed yoga classes online, which were so valuable in keeping our community connected and healthy.
Many of our regular online class attendees expressed a wish to continue with these virtual classes, so we’ve added them to our new timetable.
We’re also excited to get back into the studio, and look forward to seeing many of you back at Uprising.

A few important points for anyone attending a yoga class in the studio:

Please check in at the front counter (for contact tracing) even if you have booked online.

We are limiting studio classes to 10 people max. (Online classes have a maximum of 35 people).

There will be no fabric-based equipment used in the studio. Please do not bring your own. (We’ll temperature regulate the studio so everyone is comfortable during śavāsana).

Mats and blocks will be available in the studio. We will disinfect all equipment after each use.


Yoga for Climbers

With three of our yoga teachers also being experienced climbers, we are proud to be able to offer a weekly class designed with the needs of climbers in mind. Utilising some simple yet powerful concepts, each session is a targeted exploration of an aspect that may be of particular benefit to the climber. Whether it is seeking to find more muscular balance, to assist in recovery, or to improve functional mobility, there is bound to be something here for you.

Flow Classes

Well-rounded, energising and grounding flow yoga. Breath-centred, with flowing movements in rhythm with the breath. Accessible for all levels, and great for anyone looking to foster a sense of ease.


Start your day the way you want it to continue, with fluid grace and ease! Create dynamic strength and vital energy in your physical form along with space and clarity in your mind with these early morning offerings of Yin Yang yoga.

Rest & Restore

Come and join us on a Friday evening to decompress from the week; to melt the tensions of the week away; allowing you to put your best foot forward going into the weekend. This class is characterised by a much slower pace with longer stays in relatively passive and supported positions. Let us quietly guide you through a range of restorative positions giving you ample time to tune into the subtle qualities of the body, breath and mind.


With clear instruction and helpful cues, you are led through a well-rounded and breath-centred sequence. These classes always follow a flowing and consistent pattern: beginning with sun salutations, followed by standing postures, onwards to some useful seated postures, and then to some engaging back-bends. We then reduce the pace and intensity with more passive positions and guided relaxation.

Self Practice

Every Saturday morning the Uprising studio is made available for anyone who wishes to self practice. We simply have a supervisor there to open and close up whilst you do your thing – whether that be asana, pranayama or meditation practices. A warm distraction free space for you to enjoy your personal practice.

Your Pace

Your Pace yoga is essentially a one-on-one session but within a group setting.
Students value these classes for the personalised attention they receive and for the space they get to follow their natural breath and tempo. Your-Pace classes are based on the widely known Mysore Style Class but with the added freedom to explore varying sequences, approaches and other limbs of yoga (such as pranayama meditation). These classes are centred around cultivating and sustaining an ongoing and quality relationship between the teacher and practitioner.

Yoga Study Modules

Our Yoga Study Modules are 9-10 week courses running during term time and can be attended by anyone. They cover similar content to a typical teacher training course and can be an excellent way to expand your understanding and connect with like-minded people.

Where are we coming from?

We are all different. This is why at Uprising Yoga we give great importance to finding an approach that reflects your uniqueness.

We cherish the fact that everyone is different and we are always on a quest to see how we might apply the wisdom and techniques of yoga to your unique situation.

Typically, for someone starting out with us, we would teach something close to the Ashtanga Vinyasa. This means having a set sequence of postures where priority is given to coordinating the breath to movement (Vinyasa) along with Drishti (a direction to rest your gaze). There are some great benefits to having a consistent and steady approach for a newer student. However, and very importantly, after a little while, the direction and nature of the practice will change depending on the specific needs, wants and reason for being there. For some, this means branching off more into breathing practices (Pranayama). For others, this means honing the physical practice to help with imbalances or injuries. The possibilities are actually endless as the tools of yoga are incredibly diverse. Therefore, the process quickly becomes more organic and more driven by a two-way dialogue between the practitioner and the teacher. In this way, the teacher becomes more like a mentor or friend as you explore different ways to apply the principles and tools of yoga.