Uprising Yoga Principles

Aspects we have consciously connected to, and are actively seeking to cultivate as a yoga community at Uprising.

In consultation with our yoga community we have identified eight principles that communicate clearly what we’re about.

The aim of these principles is to provide stability and clarity, enabling us to explore new ideas, techniques and approaches from a grounded place. They are the pillars that hold up our Sankalpa (Intent).


Just Turn Up
For many reasons, there are times when it is challenging to turn up to practise. This is natural. If you feel you’ll benefit from being here, then come and practise what you need. We will completely support you in this.


We Are All Different
We are all unique, multi-faceted people. Yoga responds to this by providing a kaleidoscope of tools and techniques so that there are always appropriate ways to find balance.


Ako – Teacher and Student Learning Together
New knowledge and understanding can grow out of shared learning experiences. There is a lot to be gained when both teacher and student come together mutually in the spirit of sharing and learning.


Have a Clear Plan that Includes Space to Explore
Having some consistency of structure, a plan, or clear positive intent, can have a very grounding influence. Equally important is ensuring there is enough space and freedom to explore new frontiers, new experiences and ways of looking.


Somewhere in the Middle There is a Sweetness Called Balance
Finding out what balance means for you is well worth your time and energy.


Where do You Invest Your Energy?
Some things are within our influence, and others, not so much. Contemplating these differences can be very useful in determining where you direct your energy and efforts.


To Seek, or Not to Seek
Sometimes it is worth checking in to consider the possibility that you may already have what you are looking for.


Connect from a Place of Respect, Compassion and Non-Harmfulness
Bringing more awareness to how we relate to each other, ourselves and our environment can be beneficial. These are qualities that are within our power to cultivate. Even the smallest gesture or movement towards understanding can have a profound effect.