Every second tuesday evening from 22 february with andrew
7:15pm – 8:45pm

Satsang is another way of saying, ‘let’s get together to talk about the good stuff of yoga’. You’ll sit together and chat about a broad range of yoga topics, big and small. Put forward questions or listen; ponder or share; it’s up to you.

To help us settle in, we’ll begin with chanting the Yoga Sutras, which takes about 20 minutes. For those who haven’t done something like that before, it can be quite tricky to repeat the Sanskrit syllables. However, it’s not about how well you can recite the sounds; it’s about the fullness of attention that is automatically cultivated as you do the exercise, as well as a honing of the senses. 

Then comes a conversation. We might start with a particular area of interest or yogic idea, but where this leads depends very much on the particular interests and responses of the group. Typically, the conversation would have a philosophical leaning, but all topics are definitely welcome. Yoga can be a very interesting lens with which to view many things.