Yoga Study Modules

Yoga Study Modules

The Uprising Yoga community is excited to announce the first of our Yoga Study modules beginning the 5th February!

Our Yoga Study Modules are 9-10 week courses running during term time and can be attended by anyone. They cover similar content to a typical teacher training course and can be an excellent way to expand your understanding and connect with like-minded people. We see these regular sessions as a wonderful opportunity to nourish ourselves with some juicy and meaningful conversation; to contemplate the ideas of Yoga and to bring personal meaning through the sharing of our own experiences and by openly listening and learning from others in their experiences. During our weekly sessions we cover a wide range of topics both theoretical and practical. Whether you ultimately want to teach or not, we would love for you to join us as we delve into the deeper questions of Yoga from various perspectives – traditional, contemporary, anatomical and personal. Each module has a particular focus or underlying theme. You are welcome to do them all or attend the ones that appeal most. The module topics for the next couple of years are as follows:

  1. Everyone is unique – an exploration of the individual through an anatomical lens
  2. Contemporary perspectives – a modern take on an ancient science
  3. Sequences & Inquiries – a practical exploration of different approaches in asana
  4. Yoga as a conversation – exploring the spectrum of learning & communication styles
  5. Towards the subtle – Pranayama and other meditative practices
  6. Yoga in Aotearoa – a conversation exploring parallels between Maori and Yoga Philosophy
  7. Open toplc – a module theme chosen by the community



Everyone is unique – an exploration of the individual through an anatomical lens


– 10x Wednesdays 9:30am-11:30am

– Begins 5th February

– Uprising Yoga Studio / 199 Ferry Road, Christchurch


1 / Philosophy including chanting (45mins)

2 / Lead exploration of a specific topic (45mins)

3 / Open time for shared practices, book reviews, presentations etc. (30mins)


– Learning to chant, and inquiry into, the 2nd Chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


– Group discussions on the first 6 units of the Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals course (with Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Mathews). See for more

– Insights and ideas for adapted approaches to specific situations (e.g life stage, injuries and specific goals)

– Book reviews and sharing of personal practices and experiences such as workshops and trainings

– Regular social get-togethers (for example dining at the Lotus Heart or trying out the bouldering at our very own world class climbing facility)

– 1 assignment based on individualising practice (done in pairs preferably).


– Base Fee $450.00

– Subscription to Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals Course $330.00 (includes group discount)

Register your interest now: Please email [email protected] or call 03 389 5061 to register your interest in this course, or touch base with our team at Uprising reception.