Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Guided Yoga Nidras for you to practise at home.

A deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra progressively releases deeply held tensions in the body, breath and mind. It’s a fantastic practice for anyone with a busy mind, if you’re having trouble sleeping or for anyone seeking a lighter way of being.

Yoga Nidra practice allows your body to relax while your mind stays actively alert, leaving you refreshed and centred.

This 15-minute guided Yoga Nidra can be practised at home, either as part of your regular yoga practice, or as a standalone, short, rejuvenating exercise.

This shorter Yoga Nidra can be a great help if you’re having trouble sleeping; once familiar with it, you should be able to guide yourself through it.

This longer, 40-minute, Yoga Nidra allows you to come into a deeper state of relaxation and restoration, one in which very few people will come into naturally during sleep or other relaxation practices. It’s here, in these theta and delta states, that thoughts are slowed significantly and the stress hormone cortisol is removed from our system. Pretty amazing huh!

The great thing is that anyone can practice Yoga Nidra. All you need to do is lie back (or stay seated if you can’t lie down) and be guided through the layers of relaxation.

This medium-length yoga nidra focusses in on the third and fourth chakras, navel and heart. A great way to relax, and destress.