The Final* Countdown

The Final* Countdown

Hey everyone!

We are done. So ready. Trust me if you’re over waiting for this place to open then we are with you on that, friend.

I’m here on a Sunday as usual double checking the paperwork, doing everything possible to make the final box ticking as smooth as it can be. It’s never smooth. No amount of late nights or weekend shifts can compel the box tickery to tick any quicker, you may as well ask that of a clock.


Every second we are closer.


Every minute someone asks “When are you opening!?”


Every time I give someone an estimate I seem to be too optimistic. I have no doubt that when we open you’ll forgive us for the suspense. The powers that be have given us an indication that the end of July is a reasonably realistic timeframe, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure there aren’t any delays from our end. In the meantime, we will start re-setting a few new sections at the Tanner St. gym from next week (we know – it’s getting a bit stale).

On another note, we have been super lucky to have the mind-blowingly talented Simon Waterhouse and team at Resonate Productions work their magic at Uprising. Their videos will be (jaw) dropping soon, but here is a quick peek behind the scenes:

Keep posted!

Sefton & the Uprising Team