Pranayama Short Course

Pranayama Short Course

Getting cosy with a seated breath-based yoga practice.

Three-week course with Andrew Trotter.
Tuesday evenings 7:15pm – 8:45pm.
22 June – 6 July.

As winter settles in, it’s a great time to take advantage of our warm, dedicated yoga space—to grab a bolster, sit, relax, and to turn our attention inward to something we all have in common: the breath.
As a steady and ever-present rhythm in our lives, our breath is our constant companion. But how well do we really know this breath? Is there something to be learned or revealed here? Could investing time directing our conscious attention towards this vital rhythm be a worthwhile pursuit?
It is with these questions that pranayama begins, and the techniques and ideas of yoga really come into their own.
Over three evening sessions, we will learn some simple and reliable yoga breathing tools. The structure will be more or less the same each week so you can get the best opportunity to embody an understanding.
There will be times for discussion as appropriate but also a good dose of simply practising the techniques and getting to know them better for yourself.
We start with the basics (such as how one might best prepare the body for this breath practice) and progressively add layers of technique starting with the most important aspects first. As you become more familiar, we will go more into the nuanced aspects.
Andrew is very happy to discuss any questions you might have about the sessions.
All are welcome. No previous experience is required!
You can attend the full three weeks, or just drop into sessions as your availability allows.

Uprising Unlimited Members = free.
Others = $60 for the three sessions, but $50 for earlybird booking until Monday 14 June.
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