Personalising Your Practice: Brhmana & Langhana

Personalising Your Practice: Brhmana & Langhana

Ever wondered how to create a more personalised practice? Here we delve into Brhmana & Langhana to craft a practice that better serves you, as you are...right now.

Let’s look a little deeper into the principles of brmhana and langhana… two ways to soften or energise your practice.

Brmhana, meaning to expand, offers an energising, heating quality to a posture, whereas langhana, meaning to reduce, supports elimination and cleansing, especially of the abdominal region.

So, how may this look? Let’s take Paschimottanasana (Western Intense Pose). If we were lacking in energy we may focus on bringing in the principle of brmhana:
– activate the legs, lifting kneecaps and pressing heels into the floor
– work with a straighter spine, folding forward, drawing the navel down to the thighs
– gaze toward the toes and if you can, holding the big toes
– focus on a longer inhale…

On the other hand, if we were looking for a softer, more cleansing effect:
– bend the knees even using the support of a bolster under them
– soften and bend the whole spine, including the neck
– bend the arms and lay them on the floor
– gaze downward, even closing the eyes
– focus on a longer exhale…

Just one way to allow your yoga to serve you!

17 December 2019