Letting go of the sense of sight

Letting go of the sense of sight

We've been checking in with the Uprising Yoga teaching collective lately, asking them, ‘What have you been working on in your own yoga practice (sadhana)?’

Camila has been exploring letting go of the sense of sight!

“One small aspect I have been working on in my asana practice of late is closing my eyes when in vrikshasana. It always amazes me how much having my eyesight anchored to one space helps me to balance, and the rising feelings of insecurity I experience when I close my eyes while balancing. At first I would wobble so much and only be able to keep my balance for a second or two, swaying wildly side to side. Now, after just a couple of weeks working on this, I can maintain balance for longer, yet find I am exerting more muscular effort to balance, and more mental effort to stay focussed on what is going on with my grounded foot and leg.

This practice has also allowed me to confront my ego, especially when practising while teaching, as a narrative starts up in my head: ‘The people around me can’t see my eyes are closed, they just see me falling out of tree every few moments, and tree has always been such an easy pose for me, they must think I’m weak,I’m out of practice … “. Then I remind myself to come away from caring how my practice looks to anyone, myself included. In the moments when I care only for my breath and the connection of my foot to the earth, when I relax instead of striving, balance with my eyes closed is simple and well within reach.

This practice reminds me to not take myself so seriously, to allow myself to be a beginner and make mistakes without feeling any sense of shame for where on my journey I am at present.”

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