Keep Climbing!

Keep Climbing!

An introduction to breathwork, mindset & neuromuscular activation.
90 minute physio-led session for self-managing prevention and rehabilitation of injury – ‘Light Yourself Up!’

Sunday 22 November. 11.00am – 12.30pm.
Uprising Members $30.
Non-members $40.
Limited spaces. Book online or email us to reserve a spot.
Venue: Uprising, 199 Ferry Rd, Christchurch.

Andy Scott has spent the last 10 years running a private physio business in one of the great strongholds of UK climbing – North Wales. After living in Sheffield and training as a physiotherapist, Andy studied with maverick South African physio, coach and surfer Douglas Heel, and adopted Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains approach. This mixture of neuromuscular activation, hands-on techniques and movement therapy kept the North Wales climbing community firmly on the rocks, from the junior team to the steely veterans.
With over 35 years climbing experience, Andy blends a climber’s enthusiasm with a professional mindset to guiding better performance, with practical ideas for self managing prevention and rehabilitation of injury.

For more of an idea of Andy’s approach, see the climbing section and blogs on his website:

Now building private clinics at the Tannery and Diamond Harbour, Andy is offering an introductory 90 minute workshop on performance and training at Uprising. Learn some new methods to give your climbing a boost. With these basics on board, future sessions will work on how to build and maintain resilience: come along and make a change.

22 September 2020