The Wall is Done! Now just everything else to go…

The Wall is Done! Now just everything else to go…

It's been a super busy month and so much has happened!

It’s been a super busy month and so much has happened – a whirlwind of building, researching and creating this new Uprising space. Vaughan and the Uprising Climbing Walls team have completed the wall and mats and we celebrated with an epic photoshoot with Clinton Lloyd. Check out some of the highlights:

And what is that amazing gridded wall that changes angle you say? Why that is the first Lattice Board in the Southern Hemisphere of course – a revolutionary training and coaching device developed by UK climbing data guru and “Wideboyz” crack climber Tom Randall. Lots more info to come about this so stay tuned!


Ok so here’s the deal – there are two parts to this build.

Firstly, the climbing wall which is done by us. This is all done, hooray, and setting starts next week.

Secondly is the fitout – this is being done by the landlords. They are doing their best but there are many boxes to tick when transforming a dank beer cave into a publicly accessible bouldering gym, yoga studio, cafe/bar and generally awesome hangout place.

The best advice we have is that their works will be completed in May, hopefully closer to the start than the end and then it is on like Beast Kong.

In the meantime we will keep you posted with route setting updates, behind the scenes action and our plans for opening via our Uprising and Uprising Yoga FB Pages along with Instagram – and sign up below if you don’t already get our occasional email updates.

Best start training a bit of endurance because these walls are BIG!

Thanks for all your support and psyche – it keeps us going!

Sefton & the Uprising Team

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