Getting into Pranayama

Getting into Pranayama

A step-by-step intro to working with the breath in yoga.

Revitalise. Rejuvenate. Decompress.

Take a little holiday from a busy mind. Bring steadiness, calm and clarity. Yoga pranayama can provide all of these things and more. Only a few minutes of skilfully-focussed breathing is all it takes to bring about a felt change both physically and mentally.

In this workshop we will be looking at how pranayama, one of yoga’s greatest gifts, can be done as a standalone practice or used as a complement for other activities you love.

We will begin by getting familiar with the basics on a practical level, where you will be guided through a simple step-by-step practice. After this, we will discuss some key ideas behind what we just experienced and touch on further insights for incorporating this into your everyday.

Throughout, we will keep returning to five simple ideas which are presented as a series of progressive steps as you become more experienced and proficient. These five steps are:
– preparation
– consistency
– cadence
– ratio
– suspension

We will chat through how these five steps can be used to structure a pranayama practice and how they relate to yoga on a philosophical level.

Keen? Want to know more? Andrew is very happy to answer any questions you might have. Just email us.

Teacher: Andrew Trotter
Sunday 28 March. 10.45am – 1.15pm.
$25 Uprising Unlimited members. $35 full price

Book online here, or at Uprising reception.