February Workshop

February Workshop

Yoga for Bike Riders
Helping cyclists discover the benefits of yoga for the body and the mind

If you spend time on a bicycle, whether it’s for road cycling, mountain biking or your commute, this will be a great workshop to help you improve your cycling posture and to learn how to look after your body and balance out the postural tendencies of all that pedal power.

The repetitive nature of cycling biomechanics and the cycling posture itself create physical imbalances, not so dissimilar to sitting. And given that most of us already spend a fair bit of time sitting each day, yoga asana is a wonderful antidote for those shapes, helping you create more ease, comfort and mobility around important areas such as the hips, lower back and shoulders!

Alongside that, yoga also guides you towards better breathing techniques, as well as more mindful attention and focus, invaluable for your time on the bike, as well as in everyday life.

The workshop will start with a vinyasa flow practice to create heat and support exploring mobility. We’ll then slow things down, drawing attention to the key principles of the benefits of yoga for cycling. You’ll learn a range of yoga postures that you can continue to practice at home specifically to support your cycling endeavours, so you can nourish your body after time in the saddle on a regular basis.

This workshop is open to anyone who spends time on a bicycle! All ages, levels of mobility, serious or the fair-weather cyclists; everyone is welcome.

Teacher: Sarah McFadden
Sunday 28 February, 11:00am – 1:30pm
$25 Uprising Unlimited members. $35 full price
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