The Big Sunday Chillout

The Big Sunday Chillout

The Big Sunday Chillout is a wonderful opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon restoring yourself with a blend of nourishing yoga practices. 

Join us for The Big Sunday Chillout, with Krista on 25 July, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. 

For a lot of us, life, as we know it, has altered. Whether it feels like we’re surrounded by change, busy or rushing, struggling to feel positive about the future, or something else. Now, more than ever, it’s important to invest in our wellbeing. To pause and give ourselves a chance to rest, recover and restore. We all have the natural capacity to do that—it’s hardwired into each of us, but we are often out of practice or disconnected from this innate ability. Hence, it can be incredibly beneficial to understand our inbuilt relaxation response, and explore simple practices to encourage this response to emerge.

Join Krista as she walks you through:

• A guided chillout session including gentle movement, breath practices, restorative postures, guided relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation.

• The science behind a restorative practice. Why do it and what’s happening when we’re busy versus when we relax?

• Restorative practices you can do when you need to, from 2mins – 90mins, at home, work, or somewhere else.

• Exploration and understanding of how to adapt these practices to how you are on the day (eg if you’re feeling rushed, lethargic, agitated, physical tension/pain and others).
Come be with us to learn and share this practice.

$25 for Uprising members. $35 for non-members.

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