NZ Bouldering vids

NZ Bouldering vids

As we get deeper into lockdown, the fight against lethargy intensifies. Hangboard sessions starting to drag? (Who knew 7 seconds was such a long time?). Have you drooped off your woody and slumped onto the couch? Well, never fear—psyche is near! Science says: visualisation of climbing movements is proven to induce motor engrams to be stored in your brain; in other words, watching climbing vids will make you a better climber!
We’ve selected nine of our fave NZ bouldering vids for your viewing pleasure. Admittedly, there’s a heavy Castle Hill bias, but hey, we’re biased. Castle Hill is our local area (and it’s the best!). Enjoy!

The Man from the Moon

Kicking off with the big guns. Irreverance, psyche, humour, beautiful boulders, big ticks, little ticks, with an endearing and accurate summation of the essence of Castle Hill bouldering from one of NZ’s strongest, most likeable and entertaining climbers and climbing filmmakers. Rad.

Big Game

The classic Mike Call flick from 2005 is no longer available free to view on the internets. It’s worth watching this 9-minute outtake however, if for no other reason than it features Uprising Yoga teacher Andrew sending a V6 mantle in his gumboots, oh and some American guy Chris something-or-other climbs a hard thing …

Trifecta Middle

In case you missed it, the guy in that last vid was Chris Sharma, climbing Trifecta Middle (V13), NZ’s hardest problem for a time. Our own Peter Allison got close to making the second ascent a few years later, but slipped from the finishing hold and gruesomely snapped his leg in two. Don’t watch this one if you’re queasy.

If you’re a fan of this kind of thing (??!) you might like to listen to Pete’s recent appearance on the Powerband Podcast, listen here.

The Search For Glory

Another from Isaac. All his vids are good. This one is a classic example of the ‘Buckley’ style.
If you like them, check out his Vimeo channel.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk boulders Flock Hill, New Zealand

An uninspiring title, yes, but you get what it says on the tin. Mina climbs some mega-classics at Flock. If this doesn’t make you want to go climb these problems, you need your pulse checked.

Castle Hill New School Classics Vol One

Well these were new school nine years ago, but they’re certainly classics. The standout being Zac Orme doing the first ascent of Liquidus Line (V10) – how good does that climb look??

Where is Everyone? Castle Hill Basin 2019

Eerily, yet somehow refreshingly, absent of music, this video simply shows Dave Mason climbing many hard classics. Inspo to climb double-digits right here. Get back on that hangboard!

The Engine Room

In case your brain is exploding from too much beautiful limestone, blue skies and sweeping vistas, let’s bring it back to earth with a wee flick about a humble woody in Wellington.

Tough Love

You think lockdown is bad? It could be worse, you could be a boulderer stuck in Wellington.

What have we missed? Got a classic NZ bouldering vid that should be here? Flick us an email so we can check it out.