Your Pace Yoga Course

Your Pace Yoga Course

Your Pace is a six-week programme of classes, which guide you in creating a personalised yoga practice tailored to suit your needs and interests. Classes also include a discussion about yogas guiding principles, so you can broaden your yoga knowledge.

Your Pace offers you something quite unique, as it’s a bit like having a one-on-one session but within a group setting. It’s a great environment to start creating your own practice tailored to suit your needs and interests. Classes also include a discussion about yogas guiding principles, so you can broaden your yoga knowledge and use that understanding to inform your asana practice. Each series our teacher Andrew focuses on a different topic. For this upcoming programme the topic is Dharana and Dhyana (these are the 6th and 7th limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga path) and are all about the thinking principle – the Mind.

From a yogic viewpoint, our minds, are a body like any other. Instead of bones – the persistent ideas of who we are reside. Instead of blood, constant streams of memory flow. Imagination animates our mind much like the breath animates our physical frame. The mind is a body alive in every way. It seems very apt indeed that the ancient teachers of Yoga described its activities like the wind. Its effects seen everywhere but very challenging to observe in a direct way.

And so, much like the body is taken care of, and brought into balance, through physical practices, through breath-based techniques – we look to shed light upon the mental body through the act of thought itself. The senses are turned upon themselves to illuminate the landscape of the mind directly.

Andrew shares that he finds Dharana & Dhyana incredibly significant. He says: “If someone were to ask me what I was most passionate about when wearing the Yoga teachers’ hat, I would say, Dharana. Concentrating the activities of the mind to one channel is one of the minds most beautiful and potent capacities. If I have the opportunity to play a small part in helping someone find or access that state – I would be honoured.”

So if these ideas and the opportunity to create your own practice intrigue you, join Andrew for this programme!

A recent participant, Rosie, shared her feedback about with us: “The Your Pace course has enabled me to deepen my understanding of the yogic philosophy which has greatly enriched my experience of yoga and life in general. I love being a part of a group that comes together, to practice and learn. Andrew and Krista have been inspiring teachers who have helped me to understand myself and listen to, and have faith in my body. Although it can feel a bit daunting at first, having a different class format, investing in your own practice is more than worth it!”

Classes run weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:15pm to 8:45pm, from 3 August to 7 September.

The programme is free with an Uprising Unlimited membership, or $120 otherwise.

To make a booking head to our timetable our talk to one of our team at the front desk.