Personalising Postures

Personalising Postures


Tailoring your approach to commonly practised yoga postures.

Sunday 1 March. 9am – 12pm

We are all different.

Each of us has a unique set of experiences, perspectives, motivations and physiology.

Tailoring your personal approach to yoga is a great way to bring a sense of meaning and relevance.

In this 3-hour yoga intensive, we will explore the notion that for each and every posture you practise, there are a variety of approaches you can take. We will navigate the options to find the best fit for you.

Using some common and familiar yoga postures as examples, we will explore different practical approaches as well as direct you towards further lines of inquiry.

There will be lots of time to try things out and to have some fun too. 

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or totally new to yoga.

Co-facilitated by Andrew Trotter & Krista Pritchard.

$50 public / $40 Uprising members.

Book at Uprising reception, or email [email protected], phone 03 389 5061, or online here.*

When you book online, ensure you are on the timetable page, navigate to the workshop date on the timetable calendar, then select the workshop and sign up from there.

What is this workshop all about?

In this day and age we often look to define things by asking: What is the best way? What is the right way?

Challenging this approach is fundamental to yoga, because from an anatomical perspective, we are all so different. There is no one “right way”. What works well for one individual may not work well for another.

This is where this workshop comes in.

We will guide you through an exploration of six common yoga postures to:

Learn more about your own anatomy

Have clarity on the intent of the posture

Understand the different ways this posture could be practised

Experience these different ways and how they relate to you

Build safety in each posture

All the above will be done with the intent of equipping you with the ability to make informed choices so that you can practise these postures in ways that benefit and honour your own uniqueness.

What will happen in the workshop?

Intro / discussion / theory (30 mins)
– including useful reference handout

Sun salutations (10 mins)
– classical form / with Bhujangasana

Exploration of common postures (90 mins)
– Revolved Triangle
– One Leg Balance
– Seated Forward Bend
– Seated Twist
– Bow
– Headstand

Applying to Your Practice / Retrospective (25 mins)
– of all the aspects and ideas we covered today, which ones struck a chord with you the most and why?
– How m
ight you integrate what you’ve learned into your regular practice?

Putting it all together (25 mins)
– guided flowing sequence through sun salutations and explored postures.
-relaxing in Shavasana to finish.

Who’s leading it?

Andrew Trotter & Krista Pritchard

have been exploring yoga together for the past five years, connecting about the fundamental aspects of yoga—learning and teaching each other on and off the mat. They’re looking forward to coming together for this workshop, to provide a space where you can explore yoga too.

Do I need to have practised yoga before?

No. We’ll be offering a range of ways to explore each posture, including:

guidance about the posture

safe ways to practice each posture

exploration into different ways to practise each posture

options to deepen your practice

Our facilitators will be there to help you choose what’s relevant and important for you right now. You’ll also receive handouts to refer back to.

What type of yoga is it?

This workshop is intended to be relevant for students who have studied any lineage as we explore different approaches to help you choose what works for you.

Uprising Yoga teachings are inspired by a wonderful range of teachings including Krishnamacharya (often referred to as the father of Hatha Yoga), Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, and Gegor Maehle. We often teach the Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence as a place to start for students to then explore from there.

I’ve got further questions.

Please get in touch, we’re always happy to connect. Flick us an email at [email protected] with your name, phone number and nature of your question. One of our team will give you a call to chat through.