Organic Boulder Pads

Organic Boulder Pads

Organic pads are now available at the Uprising Pro-shop!

Organic boulder pads bridge the simplicity of bouldering and timelessness of art. Hand made in the USA, each piece is one of-a-kind. Organic pads are the high-quality, functional and aesthetic, without any unneeded bells and whistles. Crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind, the small-scale production at Organic allows them to put in the extra time to ensure every piece is unique and stands out.

Each pad is crafted in a unique colour/design combo. Visit the Uprising Pro-shop to choose your one-of-a-kind pad from our huge range.

Uprising members earn a 10% discount off RRP.


Full Pad

RRP $499
Uprising Members: $449

With a 914mm x 1219mm landing surface, the Full Pad offers a full 101mm of high-quality cush’ for your bouldering enjoyment (25mm hard foam and 76mm soft foam). A 609mm x 381mm pocket flap securely carries your gear and keeps what you stuff in the pad from sliding out. When your pad is open for use, the pouch is designed to secure and cover your shoulder straps, making the hike home from a muddy or wet day a bit dryer.

The Full Pad closes securely with simple and clean metal buckles and folds down to 914mm x 609mm x 203mm for hiking. Fully adjustable shoulder straps and a thick 50mm hip belt haul loads with ease.

Features include a 1050d ballistics shell and 1200d Recycled Cordura landing zone, as well as long closure straps on the pocket flap that enable another standard size crash pad to attach and piggy-back on your back.


Simple Pad

RRP $479
Uprising Members: $431

A streamlined version of the Full Pad, the Simple Pad (914mm x 1219mm x 101mm) is the same exact pad without the sewn on pocket flap. The go-to option for boulderers looking for the highest quality foam and fabrics without any added bells or whistles. This elegant pad closes securely via 4 simple metal buckle closures along the outside of the pad (3 along the 914mm height and 1 on the bottom).

The Simple Pad features a 1050d ballistics shell, colourful 1200d Recycled Cordura top, 3 convenient grab handles, hybrid hinge, beefy adjustable shoulder straps, sternum stabiliser, and beefy 50mm hip belt.


5″ Thick Big Pad

RRP $799
Uprising Members: $719

This beefcake offers approximately 1168mm x 1473mm of surface area and 5″ (127mm) of the best foam in the industry. Like the Simple Pad, the Big Pad closes securely with 4 simple metal buckle closures. Beefy, well-balanced shoulder straps are augmented with a thick 50mm hip belt to help get you out to your project swiftly and comfortably. Three carrying handles let you tug the pad around between problems without having to pack it up. A hybrid hinge keeps your foam like new and gives you a smooth target.

Slider Pad

RRP $119
Uprising Members: $107

Deceptively simple, the Slider Pad is 584mm x 889mm x 25mm of high density closed-cell foam sheathed in a base of 1000D Cordura nylon for durability and a top of either auto carpet for quick wipes of dirty and wet feet or textured 1000d Cordura for easy cleaning and durability .

Quick grab handles on 3 sides. Use it to cover seams in multi-pad landing zones or to keep your butt clean for low starts, or make it the dog pad to reserve your big landing zone for two-legged friends. You name it, the Slider has you covered. It quickly slides inside the Simple, Full and Big Pads, and most other brands of pads for easy transport to the boulders.