News of the Uprising!

News of the Uprising!

Fun game: complete this sentence :

“If I see one more “Opening Soon” post from Uprising I’m going to… (insert personalised frustration venting method here)”

Right. 5 minutes spare to write a quick post update.

It’s been a massive couple of weeks are we are 96.3% done, the new car park surface goes down tomorrow and then a thousand or so minor finishing touches but we are pretty much there. So why aren’t we crowing our confirmed opening date from the rooftops you ask?

Sadly it’s not quite so simple. It’s one thing to transform a building into an epic bouldering/yoga/fitness centre, getting the green light to open is another thing entirely. Over the next week the various inspectors will make sure that everything is well built and then we can apply for the building to be certified to open to the public. Timeframe for this depends entirely on the council and there are usually a couple of things that get picked up that need tweaking. If we are really lucky we hope to get permission to open by the end of July.

Thanks once again for your patience, we are as excited about opening as anyone and we’re working 7 days a week to get open as soon as possible. Honestly I’ve been waking up every morning at 3am fever dreaming about some tiny detail. Have we checked all the start tags? When does the last of the cardio equipment arrive? Do we need another coat of oil on the cubbies in the yoga studio? Does the pizza base sauce need a little less oregano?

I’m sure we won’t get every detail right, but I can promise you we have poured our hearts into this place, and I think that will come through.

In the meantime, here’s a sneaky teaser of some of the amazing problems that Mark and the route setting team have crafted.

The Yoga crew have been hard at work and the studio looks amazing – check their Uprising Yoga Facebook page for a preview.

Alex, our cafe manager and barista extraordinaire has been working closely with our friends a Prima Roastery – if you’re into excellent coffee you might be keen to watch this:


There will be all sorts of exciting announcements in the next week so make sure you like our Facebook and Instagram pages to be the first to get updates.

All the best,
Sefton & the Uprising Crew