Nurturing Quality of Life with Meditation

Nurturing Quality of Life with Meditation

It takes a whole season for a sunflower seed to emerge from the earth. To stretch up towards the sun, grow a strong stem, and allow her beautiful face to follow the sun for all the days of her life. As this season passes, she begins to bend and offer her seeds back to the earth.

So it is with meditation.

Even though the seed of aspiration to meditate may have been there for some time, it cannot unfold until the conditions are right. We may find that we have too many other projects that divert our attention. We may feel that we do not have the right space in which to meditate or are unsure as to how to begin.

Often it can take a big life change. It may be a period of depression or despair, losing someone or something we love, a serious illness or simply a desire to become more balanced and focussed before we can see that we really need to make changes to improve the quality of our life.

Perhaps now is the time to let the seed of aspiration to meditate germinate and grow.

Meditation opens our eyes and our hearts to new ways of seeing. Meditation allows jewels of wisdom and insight to arise in the stillness and quietness of being. Meditation is like being a sunflower in bloom.

Within us is everything we need for this great unfolding that the seed of our being holds. Generations of blood ancestors and also generations of great spiritual ancestors have carried and given the deeper code for our transformation. It is in our physiology. This aspiration to be connected and to live our lives well, is natural to our being.

Our practices of asana (postures) and pranayama (conscious breathing) help release physical, mental and emotional tensions and prepare us for meditation. These ancient practices help us to grow our strength to meet all the conditions of life. Each time the winds of life blow us over, this innate strength to adapt and change grows.

Growing Strength in the Practices of Meditation

Anyone who has watched how plants in a garden can flourish, will know that nourishment in the form of water, mulch or compost and also regular weeding is needed.

In meditation we create, in a regular way, a nurturing environment around us for the growth of our being (through the practice of meditation), and to be well. Our practice of asana (postures), pranayama (conscious breathing), mudra (subtle attitudes that support our practice) and bandha (ways of containing and dispersing consciously, the energy of meditation) are essential nourishment for meditation.

We give space for meditation by gently and clearly unplugging ourselves from all the distractions that life may present, to begin a regular practice.

As we turn our attention inwards, we may begin to see what we have not seen before. We begin to be able to observe all the likes and dislikes, pleasantness and unpleasantness, the darkness and also the light of our life, with the quality of balance. We may find, eventually, that we are even able to meet our fears and grow our strength of fearlessness, able to experience and meet apprehension, fear, irritation, arrogance and even jealousy and anger, without running from them. This kind of courage alleviates the inner tensions and is often experienced as a lightness and freedom, a sense of a life that is manageable.

We start to feel the brightness of our being, in the same kind of way that the sunflower naturally follows the brightness of the sun for all the days of her life. After a good period of regular practice, we may be ready to share the seeds of our practice with those who are close, living the fruits of our practice in the form of balance, ease and flow in life.

Standing in the strength of our being, we can see distant horizons clear and bright before us and we know without doubt, what this life is for.

Meditation classes at Uprising

Join our guided meditation classes on the first Friday of every month, 7.15pm – 8.15pm.

Whether you are new to meditation or whether you are ready to deepen your practice, the ancient traditions, as well as current scientific research, agree that meditation enhances quality of life with a wealth of positive outcomes arising from a regular practice. These include:

  • Improved physical health, normalisation of blood pressure; decreased muscular tension and pain;
  • Improved mental functioning – clearer more positive thinking, improved memory; better capacity to focus and concentrate;
  • Increased joy and purpose in life, increased understanding and acceptance of self and others and improved capacity to bring wisdom, calmness and ease to challenges in life, as they arise.

Our experienced teacher Atmavidya offers practices of meditation to enhance your life, creating openness, flexibility and strength of body and mind.

The monthly classes will be recorded so that each participant can develop a regular home practice over the month between each session.

You can register online here.


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3 December (Kirtan). Listen to 3 December Kirtan recording.


–by Atmavidya