Keep it Simple, Sunshine!

Keep it Simple, Sunshine!

Amaya shares her Summer Self-Care Tip.

Summer can bring with it a shift in our daily and weekly rhythms; holidays away, kids off school, more time spent outside, potlucks aplenty, not to mention continued changes related to a certain virus. With this, our regular yoga practices can easily fade into the background.

The idea of getting onto the mat can become a little bit more challenging. A one-hour practice can feel like a lot to ask of our minds and our new summer rhythms.

My secret? Keep it simple … sunshine. (Calling ourselves stupid just ain’t yogic!)

Pick just one or two practices that you know really resonate with you. This may be five energising sun salutations, ten rounds of balancing ‘alternate nostril breathing’, or ten minutes of mindful meditation. It may help to reflect back on previous yoga classes—what has served you most? Which practices left you with a sense of balance and brightness?
Commit to these one or two practices as being your base, and make these your daily habit.

You may even find that after completing them, you feel naturally inclined to add more to your practice—go with it!

Or perhaps you’ll relish in the beauty of ‘less is more’. Especially when practiced more regularly, if we know we only have a short practice ahead we commit more of our focus and energy into it, allowing ourselves to take a deep, swift dive into our inner quietude.

Enjoy your simple yet powerful practices this summer!