3 Limbs

3 Limbs

Great news yogis! Andrew is back and offering two sets of new classes during his regular Tuesday evening slot.

Every second Tuesday, beginning 1 March, Andrew will run a “3 Limbs” class, in which you’ll be guided systematically through—and with equal emphasis on—three key groups of yogic practice: posture (asana), seated breath work (pranayama) and concentration (dharana). This order represents a progressive down-gearing from the more conspicuous elements of your being (the body) towards the more subtle (breath and mind respectively).

See it as learning a relatively dependable way to enjoy a little holiday from the feeling of being stuck on a ‘thought treadmill’! Happy body. Easeful breath. Mind clear and still.

Remember to book your spot early as we’ve only space for 12 mats in the studio at the moment.

Every second Tuesday, 7:15pm to 8:45pm. Book online, or at Uprising reception.