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We are excited that part of the huge new Uprising HQ facility will be a dedicated yoga sanctuary space. By recycling the insulated panels from the old brewery (and saving them from landfill!) we will create a warm and insulated space that will¬†welcome the Yoga Sanga Otautahi community into Uprising. Sanga is Sanskrit for ‘community’ and that sense of togetherness is a perfect match to the social and friendly feel of Uprising.

There will be heaps more info about the studio in the coming months, but for now here’s a few words from head teacher Andrew Trotter (himself a past NZ climbing series champ):

Simply put, at the heart of Yoga lies a universal idea. If we can establish steadiness and ease within all layers of oneself – then peace, wellness and happiness can arise naturally. This is the classical intent of Yoga. At Yoga Sanga we seek to honour this intent as much as possible. Our classes contain all of the main practical elements of traditional practice being: Asana, Pranayama and Meditation relating to the body, breath and mind respectively. Our classes draw on various influences, both modern and ancient, but all follow a common thread of respecting the essential principles of good Yoga practice. Moving freely and with internal support is important to us. Conscious and integrated breathing is important to us. Learning to concentrate and focus the mind is important to us. Preventing injury and supporting the bodies capacity to heal itself is important to us. Connecting with like minded people is important to us. Most of all, however, we seek to provide an environment where you can move, breath, relax and be yourself.

Keep posted for more info about Yoga at Uprising HQ, opening Autumn 2019!