Christina Problem2

New Champions Crowned

Saturday saw a handful of Christchurch’s finest pebble wrestlers contest for the Uprising Winter League Trophy. What the trophy lacks in stature and precious metals it makes up for in prestige and a suspected but as-yet-unconfirmed ability to provide the recipient with superhuman gravity-defying powers.

Sooji eyes up the pocket on problem 2

Sooji eyes up the pocket on problem 2

The women’s event saw Cirrus Tan, Christina Rivett, Shania Gibson and Sooji Clarkson pulling down hard and throwing some serious shapes. In the end, a top on problem 2 split the competition and Cirrus took the win from reigning champ Christina.

Zac ready to launch on problem 3

Zac ready to launch on problem 3

With a late injury retirement from “strong yoof” Alec McCallum, the men’s event was left to Zac Orme, Alex Hardaker, and our very own Sefton Priestley. The problems were all staunch, but a particularly burly final move on problem 3 saw Sefton use the power of his pre-comp double espresso to snatch the trophy from longstanding champion Zac.

With trophies presented there is only one thing left to announce. Our spot prize winners!

Congratulations to:

  • Tony Currin
  • Michael Kelly
  • Cass Herbert
  • Sam Laurie
  • Kate Trecartin
  • Leona Kadir
  • Josh Sperry
  • Liam Dangerfield

Simply call into the gym to collect your prize.

Special thanks to Mcginns Made FreshNorthern Rock and Chicks n Chalk coaching for supplying some great prizes, and to Sports Massage Christchurch for providing our competitors with some post climb massage therapy.

The next time this contest takes place it will be in our new venue! Get training for 2019.