So last month we announced that we will be closing down our little gym in Woolston.. on the day that we open our humongous new facility – Uprising HQ – near the city centre!

For those hearing about it for the first time, here’s the deal:

Uprising is a climbing company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. In fact, it’s actually three companies. Uprising Climbing Holds has been making rad shapes since 2008 and sending them all around the world (we are on all seven continents). Uprising Boulder Gym was set up in Woolston in 2015 and last year we launched Uprising Climbing Walls and have been installing commercial, home and school walls non-stop since.


Uprising Climbing Wall's recent installation at Ferg's Kayaks in Wellington

As many know, the gym in Woolston was the first commercial climbing gym proper in New Zealand. There are a couple of great facilities that have come and gone over the years but in terms of dedicated gyms with full-time staff this was the first. We always hoped that if people liked the setup then one day we might be able to realise our dream of moving into a proper, huge facility – we just didn’t expect that after only three years we would be at capacity.

So in a moment of unbridled enthusiasm and without thinking too hard about the scary costs and overheads involved we offered the new owners of the old Harrington’s Brewery site at 199 Ferry road a long term lease on the condition that they convert it from a dank beer cave into a massive, open, light space for us to build our dream bouldering facility.

And the said ok.

So here we are – we sent out a survey to the Uprising community and had over 500 replies with amazing suggestions. We poured over your responses and incorporated your feedback into a facility which we hope will blow minds.

We’ll be putting up regular blog posts and videos over the coming months to keep you updated but here are a few basic things to know about the new place:

At 1250m2 it will be the largest climbing facility in the South Island and one of the largest bouldering gyms in the Southern Hemisphere.

There will be a huge bouldering area with over 5 times the climbing surface of the current facility.

There will be way more walls that are lower-angle, great for beginners and people who prefer a bit of technical and balance-based problems, and for world-cup-style ‘parkour’ problems.

Some of the elements we will build will change your perception of what a climbing wall can look like!

There will a be a beautiful, insulated, bamboo-floored warm yoga studio, separated from the main climbing area to create a sanctuary space. The extent to which yoga compliments climbing and helps create balance and prevent injury cannot be overstated.

The fitness area will be fully equipped and around 10x bigger than the current space.

The cafe we will setup is not an afterthought. We are partnering with Cafe Prima to create a new fair trade organic Uprising blend and our machine and baristas will be of the highest order. We do not deal with mediocre coffee.

There will be heaps of onsite carparking.

A second-phase extension to the facility will be added once we have been going for a few months.

The wall design is done an manufacturing has commenced:


Anna getting into the cutting


A tiny fraction of the high-grade plywood that will go into the walls.

That’s it for now folks, keep posted!