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Aleshia Dickson AKA Biceps Mcgee


Location: Tauranga, New Zealand

Age: 23

Height: 165cm

Weight: 52 kg

Ape Index: 2cm

Current Project: 7b “Stretched Out” and 7b+ “Mr Meaner”

Motto: “go hard or go home…and rest”.

Occupation: Have been working as an early childhood teacher in central TGA for 4 years. In my last year of training at Canterbury University for a Diploma in ECE.

Primary Gym: Our set up in our garage, the rock house indoor climbing gym, and our weights gym Body Zone.

Earliest memory of training: When i was around the age of 7 doing circuit training with my dad in our garage!

When I started climbing/gym training: Started climbing training in November, 2010. Gym/weight training started in early 2009 i think.

How/Why I started climbing/gym training: I started going along to climbing training with Liam. I started weight training because I wanted to get in better shape for Thai Boxing – my sport at the time. But now I just enjoy lifting in general and that it makes strong for climbing and be able to sculpt my physique :) body sculpting in the future maybe…

Why I love climbing: Get out, enjoy the fresh air and explore the outdoors. I love it and hate it- its a mental and physical challenge but I like to push and train hard to see progression. This goes for weight training as well.

How I stay motivated: Liam’s encouragement, strong people (climbers and weightlifters) who TRY and push themselves, music.

Favorite Exercises/body part to work: Back and biceps, campusing.

Least Favorite Exercises/body part to work: Legs & hang board.

Diet: Balanced eating, practice nutrient timing, will never go on a ‘diet’. Usually high in protein, lots of vege, balanced out carbs and fat but keep these rather low depending on training at the time. I have my treats and chocolate when I feel like it but I try to keep these in moderation along with everything else.

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