Wow! So many new things! Those of you on our mailing list may have already had the opportunity to watch our teaser walkthrough video of what has been happening at the new facility. If not here it is again!

When we say teaser, we really mean teaser…there is more wall to come.

We have also introduced the new look and logo for Uprising. The new look is all about bringing Yoga and Fitness into the Uprising family!

Finally, we are looking for a rad crew of volunteers to help us fill our landing mats with foam this weekend March 2nd and 3rd. We can promise good chat and the opportunity to see what has been happening at the new facility.

To sign up simply click here and head to our “Doodle” volunteers page.

The gym continues to be built by and for the Christchurch climbing community, we are constantly amazed by the amount of support and the incredible skills you have to offer. Thank you.

Stay tuned folks,