Uprising are committed to promoting safe and enjoyable use of the Uprising facility.

Outside the Gym:

  • All Uprising user parking is roadside only. Please park respectfully.
  • Disabled parking is available in front of the gym.
  • Please be respectful to our neighbours and keep the noise down when arriving and departing Uprising.

While in the Gym:

  • All users have responsibility for keeping the stairs, padded areas, and floors clear. Cubby holes are provided for packs and clothing.
  • All registered users will be made aware of and agree to the Uprising housekeeping rules on the first visit.
  • Appropriate closed toe and clean footwear must be worn. No Bare feet while climbing.
  • No alcohol/drugs – apart for liqueur chocolate.


  • Uprising staff reserve the right to close off any part of the gym at any time for any reason.
  • Under 13s: must have paying adult directly supervising activity at all times.
  • Under 14s: are not permitted to use the boardroom or exercise zone equipment.
  • Under 18s: entry outside of staffed hours or access to training equipment only under direct supervision of a registered coach.
  • Users are not permitted to train or coach others at Uprising, whether there is any form of payment or not.  If you are interested in becoming a registered coach at this facility, please see an Uprising staff member.

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