Frequently asked questions:

When are you opening?

We opened our doors on Saturday June 6th, 2015 – so get on down now!

What is bouldering?

We have a whole page devoted to this one, visit it here.

What equipment do I need?

None! Most people using the facility will bring their rock shoes, chalk and a chalk bag or bucket. If you don’t have them yet you can rent or buy them at reception. Because you are protected by thick crashmats there is no need for ropes or harnesses.

What do you have in the way of training equipment?

In addition to our cutting-edge climbing wall, we have gym equipment such as weights, rings, hangboards in our downstairs training area so you can get a complete workout.

How strong do I need to be?

Our facility aims to have a range of challenges suitable for all, from people who have never tried climbing before right through to elite athletes. If you can hold your bodyweight for a few seconds on a pull-up bar, you’re strong enough for the climbing wall.

Can kids use the boulder wall?

Kids are great at bouldering! To help keep them safe, those under 13 years need to climb under direct supervision of someone 16 or older. Younger children might find a more traditional climbing wall has a wider range of challenges suitable for them. We also have a kids climbing class!