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Thursday Afternoon Crushers Class starts 27th July!


We are thrilled to announce this terms classes will be run by climbing coach, Carmilla Ansin who has a wealth of experience as a climbing coach & is also a passionate climber herself!

Designed for youth climbers aged between 10-13 yrs with a bit of climbing experience who are psyched about bouldering, and want to learn more in a fun environment. This team will meet for a fully supervised hourly session each week during the school term. Last session will be the 28th of September.

The class will cover:

  • Climbing Specific Warm-up & Cool down
  • Balance & Movement Skills
  • Intro to Human Anatomy (e.g. anatomical terms & main muscles used in climbing)
  • Conditioning for Youth Climbers
  • Injury Awareness & Prevention
  • Bouldering Safety

More about Carmilla
Carmilla’s love of climbing, coupled with her passion for learning and teaching has led her to become a popular choice for those wishing to try their hand at or extend their knowledge in rock climbing. Carmilla has been teaching and climbing for over 10 years, though the usual cliche that spouts ‘those that can’t do, teach’, doesn’t apply in her case. Her fervour for climbing has seen her boulder at world-class destinations around the globe, as well as coach the national team at consecutive World Youth Climbing Championships. She holds qualifications in Social Science and Outdoor Recreation, and is currently studying Sport Science at the University of Canterbury. It is Carmilla’s aim to create pathways for climbers to further develop both the physical and mental skills needed for them to effectively pursue their aspirations.

When is the Class? Every Thursday from 4pm – 5pm during the school term

What’s the cost? Only $10 per session!! 

How do I Register? Click here, log in (or sign up) then go to the classes tab


If you have any trouble signing up give us a call on 03 389 5061