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Personal Coaching

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Uprising coaches take a personalised approach to moving with you on your climbing journey.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been climbing for many years, we believe there is always an opportunity to improve. Our coaches can offer one-off, occasional or long-term programs to develop your technique, movement, strength, and tactics.

Current coaches delivering sessions at Uprising are Cirrus Tan and Callum Renton.

For Cirrus Tan contact: cirrustan@gmail.com

Cirrus has been coaching climbing for 7 years. She has been climbing for over 10 years, and competed in national and international climbing and bouldering competitions. She has helped motivate many climbers through private coaching. Cirrus also runs the Chicks n Chalk classes (a class for ladies!).

Cirrus can assess your climbing movement and technique, increase your strength and confidence, and offer ongoing motivation for your progression in climbing.

For Callum Renton contact: gm@bouldering.co.nz

Callum has been coaching climbers on rock and plastic in the UK, US and more recently NZ since 2008. Callum has a particular interest in providing movement based and tactical solutions to climbing development, along with formal qualification and training as a climbing instructor and coach. Callum also runs our Building Blocs climbing movement classes which can be booked via this link.

Our experienced coaches offer 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 coaching.

Sessions start at $65 per hour for members, $65 + entry for non members.

If you are interested in larger classes for groups of up to 6 please email info@bouldering.co.nz.