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Attention crushers! Uprising presents… The 2017 Winter League Bouldering Competition! Starting June 12th!


The competition will run for 6 weeks with new routes of varied difficulty being set each week.
– Entry is free!!
– Spot prizes up for grabs each week
– Open to all ages and abilities
– Collect points for the boulder problems you complete each week



Just register at the front desk or by CLICKING HERE and away you go!

A finals round will be held at the end of the competition for the 5 top scoring climbers

Be rad!


Competition Tracker

First Name
Age Group
15CornahJoshUnder 20Male6/12/2017 16:58:36
14OrmeZacOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 15:05:20
13KrippnerDanielOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 19:09:49
11DoorneboschJacobOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 19:07:35
11RivettChristinaOpen and MastersFemale6/16/2017 13:42:49
11WarrenJamesOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/9/2017 12:53:29
11WilliamsMarkOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 19:19:34
10FrancisJontyUnder 20Male6/12/2017 16:27:24
10PowellBillyOpen and Masters?Male6/13/2017 18:42:52
9DowellLucas Under 16Male6/19/2017 19:43:19
9KooIvorOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:44:24
9MahabeerAylaUnder 20Female6/12/2017 16:57:45
9KawasakiYamahaOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:54:17
8BrownKester Open and MastersMale6/15/2017 17:44:33
8HardakerAlexOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 16:27:45
8O'CarrolJacobOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:40:17
8SmallBevanOpen and MastersMale6/21/2017 17:23:45
8YauAnnieOpen and Masters (35+)Female6/9/2017 17:32:29
7BrenssellJakeOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 18:30:15
7GaskinJames Open and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:28:51
7NaylorWillOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 19:44:48
7O'NeillConorOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 12:57:04
6BaxterNickyOpen and Masters (35+)Female6/12/2017 19:20:21
6LearthartRichardOpen and MastersMale6/13/2017 18:05:23
6PeatMartinOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:29:13
6LintottCareyOpen and MastersFemale6/22/2017 14:49:01
5CaseyEmmaOpen and MastersFemale6/22/2017 14:43:41
5DaviesNickOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:29:26
5MasonMiles Open and MastersMale6/14/2017 17:44:20
5SandesJackOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 20:08:47
5SandilandsJodieOpen and MastersFemale6/21/2017 17:24:09
4BeluchiSaffiaUnder 20Female6/12/2017 13:00:50
4WildChrisOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:47:33
3DalyBenOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:26:27
3DeaconRheaOpen and MastersFemale6/14/2017 19:28:23
3NealeReganOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 15:21:52
3ShawMichaelOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:27:17
3TomissonCarolyneOpen and MastersFemale6/13/2017 18:05:54
3ZaheerAliOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:50:24
2FickersJulianOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/12/2017 19:56:59
2LeithAndrew Open and MastersMale6/14/2017 18:08:43
2LookJeremyOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:39:33
2RivettMartynOpen and MastersMale6/17/2017 15:12:42
2FrankpittBernardOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:53:36
1OrmeKatharineOpen and Masters (35+)Female6/12/2017 19:41:02
1ShepardCraig Open and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:43:48
GriseCarolynOpen and Masters (35+)Female6/12/2017 18:06:24
Halliwell Patrick Open and MastersMale6/15/2017 14:29:43
LooyerNatalieOpen and MastersFemale6/19/2017 18:30:32
MorrisonPhilOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:27:51
MurphyJamesOpen and Masters (35+)Male6/9/2017 17:32:50
NichollsPatrickOpen and MastersMale6/13/2017 14:09:22
SchneiderSimonOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:44:09
TandbergCarolineOpen and MastersFemale6/14/2017 17:44:42
VilleneuveMarleneOpen and MastersFemale6/13/2017 21:05:47
WilliamsChrisOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 18:31:58
MartinRemiOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:50:54
CabreraUlisesOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 21:34:05
BensingJoelOpen and MastersMale6/26/2017 14:19:57