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The 2017 Winter League Bouldering Competition Finals is nearly here!!  (5th of August)


If you want a front row seat you have until the Sunday the 30th of July to collect points and make finals! Due to the size constraints of gym the ability to spectate will be very limited so we may set up a live stream or at least record the action.


Entry is still open & free!!

Just register at the front desk or by CLICKING HERE and away you go!

Be rad!


Competition Tracker

First Name
Age Group
28OrmeZacOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 15:05:20
27KrippnerDanielOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 19:09:49
26CainOliverOpen and MastersMale7/25/2017 18:04:28
25DoorneboschJacobOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 19:07:35
24WarrenJamesOpen and MastersMale6/9/2017 12:53:29
24CornahJoshUnder 20Male6/12/2017 16:58:36
23RivettChristinaOpen and MastersFemale6/16/2017 13:42:49
23O'CarrolJacobOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:40:17
23CabreraUlisesOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 21:34:05
22PowellBillyOpen and Masters?Male6/13/2017 18:42:52
22KawasakiYamahaOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:54:17
22HardakerAlexOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 16:27:45
21FrancisJontyUnder 20Male6/12/2017 16:27:24
20SavignacPierreOpen and MastersMale7/4/2017 14:16:07
19YauAnnieOpen and MastersFemale6/9/2017 17:32:29
19O'NeillConorOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 12:57:04
19MahabeerAylaUnder 20Female6/12/2017 16:57:45
19GaskinJames Open and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:28:51
19BensingJoelOpen and MastersMale6/26/2017 14:19:57
18BrenssellJakeOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 18:30:15
15WilliamsMarkOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 19:19:34
15NaylorWillOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 19:44:48
14VilleneuveMarleneOpen and MastersFemale6/13/2017 21:05:47
13LearthartRichardOpen and MastersMale6/13/2017 18:05:23
13DalyBenOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:26:27
13BaxterNickyOpen and MastersFemale6/12/2017 19:20:21
12SandesJackOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 20:08:47
12PeatMartinOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:29:13
12LintottCareyOpen and MastersFemale6/22/2017 14:49:01
11OrmeKatharineOpen and MastersFemale6/12/2017 19:41:02
11MurphyJamesOpen and MastersMale6/9/2017 17:32:50
11ChristieJuliaOpen and MastersFemale7/4/2017 14:17:36
11CaseyEmmaOpen and MastersFemale6/22/2017 14:43:41
11BrownKester Open and MastersMale6/15/2017 17:44:33
9KooIvorOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:44:24
9DowellLucas Under 16Male6/19/2017 19:43:19
8WildChrisOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:47:33
8SmallBevanOpen and MastersMale6/21/2017 17:23:45
8ShawMichaelOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:27:17
8MasonMiles Open and MastersMale6/14/2017 17:44:20
8LarramanLucasUnder 20Male7/4/2017 14:15:15
7TomissonCarolyneOpen and MastersFemale6/13/2017 18:05:54
7SandilandsJodieOpen and MastersFemale6/21/2017 17:24:09
6DeaconRheaOpen and MastersFemale6/14/2017 19:28:23
5ZaheerAliOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:50:24
5MawBettyOpen and MastersFemale7/4/2017 14:17:51
5Halliwell Patrick Open and MastersMale6/15/2017 14:29:43
5DaviesNickOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:29:26
3NealeReganOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 15:21:52
3LookJeremyOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:39:33
3LeithAndrew Open and MastersMale6/14/2017 18:08:43
2ScottCraigOpen and MastersMale7/4/2017 14:16:18
2RivettMartynOpen and MastersMale6/17/2017 15:12:42
2FrankpittBernardOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:53:36
2FickersJulianOpen and MastersMale6/12/2017 19:56:59
1ShepardCraig Open and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:43:48
1ReidGeorgeOpen and MastersMale7/4/2017 14:15:37
WilliamsChrisOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 18:31:58
TandbergCarolineOpen and MastersFemale6/14/2017 17:44:42
SchneiderSimonOpen and MastersMale6/19/2017 19:44:09
NichollsPatrickOpen and MastersMale6/13/2017 14:09:22
MorrisonPhilOpen and MastersMale6/14/2017 19:27:51
MartinRemiOpen and MastersMale6/22/2017 14:50:54
LooyerNatalieOpen and MastersFemale6/19/2017 18:30:32
GriseCarolynOpen and MastersFemale6/12/2017 18:06:24
APiataJodiOpen and MastersMale6/28/2017 11:36:05