With bad weather on its way through the North Island, LAD grabbed Zac AKA Trixie and headed out so lesh could have a morning on one of her projects, Stretched Out (7b) and see if I could piece together Deflow (7c).

Lesh had a good warm up, repeating last weeks 6 on her first pop!  She then set about working Stretched Out’s powerful first move and tricky middle section.  Meanwhile Triixe and his GO GO Gadget Arms made Double Trouble (7a) look like it wasn’t even an effort.  Not too shabby considering he’s only been back climbing for a month.

I sent Stretched out on my 2nd go after slipping out of one of the wet middle holds while lesh pieced the moves together. On her last go of the day managing to get all of the moves linked with just a little bit of power for the start move!  She’ll do it on out next day out for sure.


We then mosy’d over to the Deflow and I had a couple of goes.  Its a relatively straight forward problem, not overly difficult or as sharp as I remeber it being last time back in 2007.  It all boils down to 1 move for me, a small pocket before a double take to the massive 2 finger pocket.  My dead pointing skill are not that good but I was able to lock the move so hopefully arriving fresh with the sequence sorted and my game face on I should be able to finish it up.

Trixie and Lesh tried Power On (7a+) a pockety traverse while we were there, not a particularly nice problem but has a couple of cool moves in it. Both of them had some mild success and maybe next time.


Had a quick look at Subtle as well while we were over there.  Supposed 7c+ I’m not entirely sure where it starts either, the ’03 guide isn’t that crash hot on explaining where problems are…..Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


All in all a good day out, a bit disappointing that we ran out of gas before we could send the problems but that’s how the game goes!


Looking forward to next weekend.  Aleshia and I will be off to wellington to meet up with the Motiv Team and hopefully have a good serious go at Allison Wonderland (8a), hopefully snake it from Matt who’s had a couple of days on it or I might put my effort into Musashi (7c+) got close to that in 2008 but no send so should be a good day out. Either of those would be a good birthday present!