Bouldering is an exciting, accessible form of climbing becoming more and more popular around the world.¬†Boulderers leave the traditional rope and harness behind for the freedom of unhindered movement – all that is needed is a pair of rock shoes, a dusting of hand chalk and a soft mat below you. We are lucky enough to live a short drive from one of the top bouldering areas in the world, Castle Hill basin. When you can’t make it to the stunning limestone boulders in this gigantic playground, the Uprising Boulder Gym is here for you!

Bouldering is all about the movement, and each “boulder problem” is a challenge which requires¬†thought, balance, technique and determination to solve. Strength helps too, but reliance on brute force will not get you far!

This is a type of exercise for those who love to solve problems, to challenge their own assumptions about what they can achieve and surprise themselves.

Get inspired with some amazing photos of bouldering in NZ here.